About Robert Fitzsimmons Photography

I developed the skill for underwater photography through numerous photography and underwater diving classes at Central Lakes College and Minnesota School of Diving, in Brainerd, Minnesota.  My enthusiasm to perfect the art of underwater photography, makes diving every day an adventure.  People ask me what is the best dive I ever had?  And I answer " The best dive is the one I'm going on tomorrow".

Diving on a daily basis is the catalyst that transformed me from a recreational diver to a professional diver.  Never without a camera and hundreds of photography dives later, I have a portfollio of images that I would like to share.  My images are now available on PhotoShelter.

I would like to say thanks to Minnesota School of Diving. Through the dive school,  Bill and Todd Matthies and staff helped make me the professional diver I am today.  I must also thank Steve Kohls who is a veteran photographer, a 30 year AP contributor, Brainerd Daily Dispatch photographer and also photography instructor at Central Lakes College.  Steve has shown me the truth, the way, and the light of photography.  

If your not wet your not there yet!!!!!!